Monday, August 29, 2011

Streets Alive

On Sunday Erin and I decided to check out Streets Alive, a local event where some streets are closed to traffic and people are encouraged to run, bike, roller blade, skateboard or anything else they can think of. We biked downtown from our house and met up someone Erin works with.  The event itself had a festive atmosphere, but the road bikes and clippy shoes seemed like a poor fit.  The slow pace forced us to either constantly clip in and out, or stay very focused on staying upright at low speeds.  We ran into Ray and Mitch and talked with them for a bit and I chatted with Judy for a couple of blocks before heading back to find Erin. The entire ride was a little more then 24 miles.

I've been logging miles on the daily mile since March of last year and this last ride put me over 4000 miles logged on the site. It was a neat accomplishment and something I'm rather proud of.

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