Sunday, August 7, 2011

Buffalo River Run

This weekend Erin and I tagged along with Erik when he did his long run at Buffalo River State park. Rain was forecast for Saturday morning and when we got up we could see some stuff developing on radar, but it was slow moving and it looked like we could sneak our run in.  Erik picked us up and we drove to the park. On the way out we saw the Buffalo river looked and it looked a bit high. I thought with all the recent rain we've had it would be a soggy run.  We  were shooting for around 6 miles and didn't have much of a route planned out.  I figured we'd try to do the 10k route from the trail run earlier in the year backwards.  When we got started I was surprised to find a bit of an old asphalt bike path that had been overgrown with grass.  We followed it out a ways, but it was a dead end.  As we ran along it we startled several deer.  The weather was great, it was cool with just a bit of a breeze, unfortunately the grass had a lot of dew which kept our feet wet as we ran.  The tall grass hadn't been mowed recently in several areas and slowed us down a bit.  Towards the end of the run we got into some trail with sorter grass and we picked up the pace a bit.  After the run we enjoyed some bacon cookies that Erin and I had brought along.

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