Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor day and heading into Beardsley

It's been a while since I've posted so this one is going to hit a lot of things.

Last Wednesday Erin and I met up with Maggie, Penny, Tim, Rick and Kristy for a evening run from the downtown Y. We ran along the top of the dike for a bit until we got to the water treatment plant and the bike path was a little more clear. After 2 miles Kristy, Penny and Erin turned back while Maggie, Rick, Tim and I pushed on.  At the time my right calf was a little tight.  About half a mile later my calf was cramping so bad I couldn't run any more.  I stopped for a bit to stretch and we decided as a group that we'd turn around.  After walking for a bit I was able to start jogging again but about a mile later I was unable to run again.  Again I walked until my leg loosened up enough to run but this time I was able to make it the rest of the way back to the Y.  There was considerable pain from the cramp but I was able to still keep a decent average pace. I had planned to meet up with Connie the next morning and hoped that my leg would feel better after a good nights sleep.

Thursday morning when I woke up my leg did not feel any better. I figured that I had done some damage while running with the cramp the previous night but thought I'd be able to do a slower run with Connie.  We met up like we normally do, but I suggested taking a shorter route to the store in case things got to bad.  For the most part the pain stayed constant, not going away but not getting worse either.  I felt good about being able to get in 8 miles that morning.

That Friday I rested hoping the time off would let the leg heal.  It did help a little.

Saturday I met up with Connie for a long run.  We started off with Erin and Erik who were doing a long run in preparation for the FM mini in October.  Eventually we broke of from them and went out around the new high school and way out on south university.  When we finished up I had 18 miles in and Connie had 19.  During the run my leg had loosened up, but after the run it tightened up again and hurt when I walked.

Sunday Connie and I met up for a planned 7 mile run.  I wanted to sleep in and rest the leg, but got out and ran anyway.  The first few miles I was in a foul mood.  My leg hurt and I just wanted to be done, but eventually things turned around and Connie and I explored some new areas that we hadn't run in.  This run capped a 50 mile week for both Connie and I.

Labor day Erin and I went biking with Krisann out on the heartland trail.  We started off in Park Rapids abd biked 18 miles to Akley for a late lunch.  On the way back we stopped in Nevis for ice cream.  It was a great day for a bike ride and I had a lot of fun getting to know Krisann better.

Tuesday I ran a 5 mile tempo run workout and it confirmed that I've slowed down since this spring.  I still had some lingering leg pain as I ran, but things were definitely healing up.

Thursday Erin and I drove to the store early and we got 10 miles in.  I was able to keep a brisk pace and it was a solid run. Better still was after the run I didn't have the lingering pain in my leg anymore.

Saturday is the Dick Beardsley half marathon.  It will be my third year running it.  I'm not going to shoot for a PR, but I'd like to have a solid run and I'm hoping it will be my second fastest half marathon when it's all done.

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