Friday, August 12, 2011

2011 Pyrotechnics Guild International: Night Three

Night three started with a couple of competitions, best movie special effect and best wheel.  The movie special effect was neat, it was a series of growing flashes with loud reports.  The wheels were a little bit boring with the exception of the last one called the machine. As it spun it had some parts that moved in and out which looked really neat.  There was another girandola which was larger then the one on the previous night. As it climbed it paused it's ascent a couple of times.

The first show of the night was by the JPA, a group of kids aged 5 to 18. They get product donated and buy some with cash donations during the convention. It wasn't as coordinated as the professional shows and appeared a bit haphazard and random at times, but it was fun.  It was a little like watching a fireworks stand burn to the ground with all of it's items pointing upwards.

The next show was by precocious fireworks. On the bright side it was all american made, but the downside it was a boring show.  There were long pauses between fireworks where there was talking.  It tried to be funny, but didn't really succeed and became very repetitive with seeing the same fireworks over and over.

The last show of the night was by Dominator who had put a show on the previous night.  They did not disappoint. We did see a few fireworks that we didn't the previous night and it was as well timed to the music as it was the previous night.  I think the finale peaked just a little early, but overall it was an outstanding show.

We didn't stay for any competition after the shows because we planned to get up early the next morning for out usual Thursday morning run with the group from the store.

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