Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Long Run

I've been doing longer runs during the week, but it's been a while since I've stretched the distance on a Saturday.  Today I met up with Connie and we were shooting for around 17.  I took her around to some of my favorite spots to run and in general kept us far enough away from where we lived so that we wouldn't be temped to cut it short.  We did run into a little road construction on a gravel road and decided to cut through anyway.  There were a few people working near there, but I don't think we were noticed.  I put in 16.4 which was a little short and I think Connie was a little short as well but overall it was a productive day.  After we went out separate ways I was able to end my run with a last mile pace of 9:13.  My legs are a little sore now, but it's the good kind of sore that I miss from this spring. The 50k at Surf the Murph is looking more likely if runs continue to go like this one.

Also today Maggie is running the 50 miler at Lean Horse.  Her husband Cory has been texting periodically keeping us up to date on her progress.  The last text I received said she was at the 26.2 mile mark and had a little over 5 hours left to compete the rest. After completing the 100 miler last year at this event I'm confident she will finish strong this year.

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