Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2011 Pyrotechnics Guild International: Night Two

The second night of displays started with a couple of competitions.  The first was for people who were new to pyrotechnics and featured shells.  The second was something called a girandola.  The beginner shells were interesting and for the most part the competition moved quickly.  The girandola was really neat.  It spun around as it gained height and left a neat helix pattern below it.  Definitely the best single items we've seen this year so far.
Ok, so this isn't the highest quality video

After that it was dark enough for the shows.  Again there were two shows, the first done by P&F All Seasons and the second by Dominator.  Erin and I really enjoyed both shows.  The P&F display lacked the volume of fireworks that some of the other shows used, but the ones they did use looked very good.  They seemed to be able to get more vibrant colors then some of the others I've seen. I guess they're known for their "hammer" shells which they used to punctuate the performance as well as end with a large bang.

The second show by Dominator was awesome. Very well coordinated to the music they were using with lots of ground effect items as well as lots of larger shells.  They had some that broke into circles that looked like a blue spark was chasing a wave of yellow sparks.  The description doesn't do justice to how neat it looked.  They also had some shells that appeared to break into 3 circles each on a different axis and each in a different color. Their finale wasn't quite as intense as the opening show on day one, but was close.  Erin thought that this was her favorite show so far.

After the two shows we stayed for a few more competitions; large mines, comets and large rockets. Since we were both hungry we decided to duck out before the end and head to Applebees for a couple of appetizers before heading home to bed.

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