Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Pyrotechnics Guild International: Opening Night

Living in Fargo I've been fortunate to attend the Pyrotechnics Guild International conventions when they come to town.  This year Erin and I got reserved seats for all 4 nights. I know from past experience that we won't be disappointed in the show.

We weren't sure how bad the parking situation would be this year so we left the house at a little after 7:00.  When we got to the fairgrounds there weren't many people there yet and we felt a little silly.  We found our seats and Erin got her first taste of Angry Birds on my phone.  A little after 9:00 things got started. The opening show was put on by Flashing Thunder out of Iowa.  It was spectacular. The fireworks were coordinated very well with the music and there were a lot of neat effects they were using.  The finale of the first show was incredible with the large number of shells they had going off simultaneously.

The second show was put on by Chicago Lights and wasn't as impressive as the first.  It lacked some of the coordination of the first show and the fireworks they were using seemed simpler. Overall it was still neat, but Flashing Thunder was a difficult act to follow.

After the 2 shows were over we hung out a little while and watched a couple of the competitions.  The first featured some larger shells and the second was medium rockets.  It was a little disorganized but I still find it interesting to hear about what each item is going to do before it goes off.  After the rocket competition we decided to leave because we were both getting up early in the morning.  I'm looking forward to Tuesdays show.

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