Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 1

The fourth of July started off somewhat lazily, no alarm clocks but I was still up early. I lounged around and checked email and realized that in addition to our 19 caches that were published the previous night, another cache had been published in Moorhead.  I checked the cache page and no one had logged it. When Erin finally rolled out of bed I checked it again and still no logs.  I told here and we decided to start the morning with an attempt at a first to find.  We thought our chance were pretty good for this one. It was a holiday, the person hiding the cache was the one who normally beats us to caches so he wouldn't be logging this one, and people out for FTFs might go after one of ours.  When we pulled into a nearby parking lot we had the place to ourselves and a minute later we were signing the blank log.  What a great way to start our vacation!  This cache marked day 367 of our consecutive day streak.  After grabbing the days cache we hit up the grocery store on the way home to get supplies for buffalo chicken dip. After making the dip and lounging around for most of the day we headed over to Cassie's place for fireworks. Around 10:00 the bugs got to be too much for me and we headed home.

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