Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 5

The next morning the rain had stopped and it was looking fairly nice out.  We had breakfast at camp and then set out for some more geocaching from the bikes along the Paul Bunyan Trail.  We did find a bunch of caches, but we typically do better so it was a little frustrating.  Eventually the heat and bugs got to be too much and we headed back to the truck.  It happened to be around lunch time and I had no problem talking Erin into going back to Rafferty's for pizza.  Lunch was a good as what we had the previous night and after that we went to Pirates Cove for 36 holes of mini golf.  I dominated the first 18 holes, and Erin squeaked out a victory in the second 18, but overall I won by a few strokes.  The course was a lot of fun with it's pirate theme.  There was a dungeon in a cave that had a motion sensor that played an audio track of a prisoner whenever someone looked in, and there was a cannon that fired periodically causing an air driven splash in a pond.  One of the holes was even on a small pirate ship.  When we had finished golfing we decided to take in another movie, Man Of Steel.  We both enjoyed the movie, despite Batman being was cooler than Superman. When the movie was over neither of us was hungry so we headed back to camp.  When we arrived we found the stakes I had lent our neighbor the previous night on our picnic table, as well as some left over firewood that he had.  It was a nice surprise. We also had some new neighbors in that same spot, an older couple who came over to introduce themselves. Tom and Lorena were from Canada on a several week trip to Colorado and back.  We invited them over to our campfire and sat around sharing stories until it got dark and was time for bed.

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