Friday, July 26, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 4

Sunday morning was sunny and beautiful. We debated going into town for Sunday brunch after our bad experiences with restaurants in town the previous day and decided to chance it.  There was a local place that had a bunch buffet that sounded good.  We arrived a few minutes before they opened at the parking lot was completely empty. When they finally opened we decided since we were here we'd give it a shot.  When we walked inside there was no one around.  We waited a bit and finally someone noticed we were there.  I asked if they were open and they said yes and seated us.  It was really weird having a giant buffet table loaded with food with just the two of us there, but the food was good. It was a good mix of breakfast and dinner items and Erin and I both wound up eating a bit too much.  It was nice finding a restaurant that didn't suck after the previous day.  After brunch we hit up the Paul Bunyan Trail for some geocaching.  We cached a couple of miles of the trail before deciding it was too hot and we needed to do something else. After returning to the trucks and packing up the bikes we didn't have any idea what we wanted to do other then get out of the heat. Fortunately the trail head was close to the movie theater and we decided to watch Despicable Me 2.  It was a good movie, and the theater was cool.  After the movie we wandered around the  nearby mall while trying to settle on a place to eat. We had come up with a few ideas, but I had noticed a pizza restaurant in the mall and was trying to talk Erin into going there.  She thought pizza sounded good, but wasn't sure about this place.  We walked into a store and asked where the best place was in town for pizza and the clerk answered without hesitation Rafferty's, the place in the mall.  Erin was finally convinced to give it a shot.  We had some onion strings to start with, and they were great.  I had a small pepperoni pizza and Erin had the Lucky Chicken pizza.  It was a little odd because it had Lingonberries on it but she really liked it. I enjoyed my pizza as well. We were 2 for 2 on picking restaurants today!  After supper we headed back to camp and had another fire.  As we sat around the fire we noticed some woodchucks scampering around the area.  We tossed out some licorice, but they ignored that.  Then we tossed out some popcorn and they loved that.  They would timidly dance out from the tall grass and grab a piece and start chomping away.  It was very cute.  After a while someone pulled in a neighboring campsite on a motorcycle. Within a couple of minutes we could hear the rumble of thunder so we went over and offered to help set up. Our neighbor was camping with a hammock and had a tarp to throw over the top, but nothing to stake it down with.  I lent him some stakes and we got things tied down just as it started to rain.  I put out the fire after that and it was off to bed.

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