Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 2

The next morning when I got up I was treated to some new logs on the Monopoly series.  Our favorite pirate family had been in town for the fourth and had been finding them.  Unfortunately I should have added a bit of information to the final cache to help clarify something because they had been unable to find it.  It was still lots of fun reading about their adventures from the previous night. I started packing up the truck and we were on the road to adventure shortly after 8:00am.  Around 10:00 we stopped in Wadena, MN to do some geocaching.  There is a bike trail from a park in town to a nearby golf course that has caches every tenth of a mile or so.  After unpacking the bikes we set out to see what we could find.  Our first stop was a big old willow tree with a high terrain cache.  We circled the tree for a bit before I tried unsuccessfully to climb the tree.  When I came back down I talked Erin into giving it a shot.  She was able to get up into the tree, but couldn't find the cache.  It was a bit disappointing but we decided to move on. On the bike path we weren't having much more luck. I think we missed about a quarter of what we tried for. Sometimes Mosquitos would drive us off, other times we put in a good search and just couldn't make the find.  After we finished up on the bike trail we decided to grab lunch in town at Harvest Thyme. The service was a bit slow and the food was just ok.  I had some pepperjack mac and cheese with bacon, and Erin had a salad.  After lunch we drove around Wadena grabbing a few caches before hitting the road again. We stopped every time there was a cache along the highway and even found a place to grab some ice cream along the way. Eventually we made our way to Crow Wing State Park and set up camp. After getting things setup we decided to try for the Avian Adventure multicache in the park.  We drove to where it started and set out to make the find.  We didn't notice there were 2 sets of coordinates on the sign starting us off and thought it was odd how this cache seemed to have a historical theme to it.  The mosquitos were awful and the heat was unpleasant, but we found the final.  It seemed odd there was no log to sign, but we were happy to be heading back to the safety of the truck. When we got back Erin hit up the bathroom and I checked the sign to discover we had gone after the wrong thing.  With the bugs as bad as they were we decided to try for the cache again another time. We drove back into town to grab some supper and wound up at Bonanza which was surprisingly good before stopping to pick up a hatchet and some stronger bug spray. That night our neighbors in the campground stayed up late and kept us up until around 1:00am with their loud stories before I went and talked to them.  After that they quieted down and we were able to get some rest.

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