Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 0

Paul from work sitting in front of us.
The past few years Erin and I have been taking a week long vacation in early July. It started before we got married and has continued ever since.  This year we kicked things off earlier than most years on July 3rd with a Barenaked Ladies concert in North Fargo. While I was waiting for Erin to get off work I put the finishing touches on a series of caches that we had been working on with a Monopoly theme. Just before we left I submitted them for review. When we got to the ballpark we found a place to sit and Erin went off in search of food. While I was waiting I spotted a buddy from work who was playing around with a quadcopter that he had recently purchased. It was neat seeing how small and maneuverable it was. One of Erin's coworkers (our geocaching buddy Lindzee) met us at the concert with another friend and they sat with us. The concert started off with a lone singer whose name escapes me. He was really funny, and towards the end of his set he got a few of the Barenaked Ladies to come out and play with him. After that the band Guster played. Erin and I weren't that impressed with them, but there was at least 1 song that I enjoyed. Linzee didn't seem to enjoy them all that much either.  Around the time that they were playing our Monopoly caches were published and I think she was more interested in going to look for them.  Finally Guster finished and we moved on to the main act. The Barenaked Ladies put on a good show with playing most of their hits and a few new songs. For me the most interesting moment was when they started playing the theme from the Big Bang Theory, it really clicked for me just who was playing for us. I really loved the show and wish it had been longer, or at least more of the Barenaked Ladies and less of Guster.  After the show we packed up our chairs and headed towards home. On the way we decided to stop at Applebees for half price appetizers. I'm not sure we had the right wing sauce or if it was our imagination, but the food just wasn't as good as normal that good that night.

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