Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation Day 1

The day after the anniversary run we headed out on vacation.  We didn't set an alarm, but woke up on our own around 7:00.  As I packed up the truck Erin cleaned up some of the dishes from our anniversary run. Around 8:30 everything was packed and cleaned up and we were ready to hit the road.  The drive down to the cities was fairly uneventful.  Traffic was a bit heavier then usual possibly due to people coming back to the cities from spending the weekend at the lakes. We stopped at the outlet mall in Albertville and found some interesting sauces in one of the kitchen stores there. After shopping for a while we decided it was getting to be time for lunch and I did a quick search on my phone for what was nearby.  We located a Red Robin that was along the way toward the KOA campground we were staying at and decided to head there.  I had a blue cheese burger with bacon and onion strings and Erin had a guacamole burger.  Both were excellent.  After eating we continued on to the campground.

We checked in when we got to the KOA and were assigned a spot in the far corner of the campground.  The location was fairly well sheltered by trees, but there were a lot of mosquitoes.  The temprature was in the 90s as we setup the tent and we were both covered in sweat when we were done. When I did a search for local restaurants we ran across a malt shop in Chaska that sounded good. We picked up some firewood on our way out of the campground to the malt shop. Since we had a big lunch we decided that instead of each ordering something we would just split an order of cheese curds and each have a malt. My malt had Oreos, peanut butter and marshmallow while Erin's malt was a orange creamsicle malt.  After the malt shop we hit up a local Target for some odds and ends we needed.  My phone wasn't charging properly with the charger we had so I picked up a new one and we got the things for making smores.  When we got back to the campground I checked the weather radar on my phone and saw that some rain was coming so we decided against a campfire that night.

Shortly after we went to bed the thunder started and it began to sprinkle.  The light rain lasted an hour or so before the very heavy stuff started to fall. The tent held up rather well and for the most part we were dry except for the occasional drop or two that soaked through the seems because it couldn't run off the top fast enough.  Eventually the storm subsided and we were able to get some sleep.

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