Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Steph's Wedding Weekend - Friday

The view on our drive to Itasca
Friday morning Erin and I had a couples massage scheduled. I was still a bit tender from my recent surgery, but felt good enough to go ahead with it. Laying on my stomach was a little uncomfortable at first, but I soon forgot all about that.  Both Erin and I thought this place was better than the last one we had gone to for a couples massage.  After the massage we headed back home to pack up some final things and then we hit the road for Itasca.  

No, this isn't the same picture, look at the trees
We needed to find a cache along the way to keep our streak alive, so we stopped in Hawley.  The cache was a bit tricky, with a tool being the only obvious thing at ground zero, however after looking at the hint we found the container and got the log signed.

Yeah, that's the same truck in front of us.
When we arrived in Detroit Lakes we stopped at Perkins for lunch.  I think the kitchen was really backed up that day. It took forever to get our food. With all of the neat places there are to eat out here it's amazing how often we just go to Perkins.  There's something to be said for consistency and predictability.

Cabin #4 - The Best Cabin
Dan taking a picture of a very tame chipmunk
After lunch we drove the rest of the way to Itasca.  It was a good thing that we had broken the trip up because when we arrived I was already feeling a little sore from sitting so long.  We checked in right away, but since the cabin hadn't been cleaned we weren't able to get the keys for it. From there we went over to where the reception was going to be held. Erin decided to help with the decorations, but since I wasn't terribly interested in getting yelled at for putting things in the wrong place and since I couldn't really do much anyway with my lifting restriction I decided to see who was around.  I wandered around a bit before finding Shelly and Betty who had returned from their walk.  After that we went up to Koreen and Dan's cabin and played some Farkle.  It's a dice game similar to one I've played on the computer before. It was fun, but Koreen seemed like she's way better at the game then everyone else.  I'm not sure how she kept getting lucky, but the luck seemed to last all weekend. After a bit the guys showed up. Rodney, Dan, and Luke had rented bikes from a local place. Koreen left to go help with flowers and we transitioned into playing a bean bag toss game. Rodney and I teamed up and were pretty good, we only lost 1 game to Jason and Rhonda and it was somewhat close. Eventually my family finished up what they were doing and came over.  The plans had been changed from going to Zorbas into just eating at the cabin. Steph, dad and I took a few minutes to go back to her cabin so she could do a last minute hair cut. When we returned there were hot dogs and brats ready and we had supper. After eating we hung out around the fire until Erin and I went to bed.

Steph's cabin
Rodney, Rhonda, Jason and Steve
The group eating supper
Dan building the fire

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