Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day Trip to Wahpeton and Fergus Falls

Last weekend Erin and I took a trip to Wahpeton and Fergus Falls to do some geocaching. We had cleaned out Wahpeton before, but enough new caches had been put out to justify the trip.  Most of the caches we picked up in Wahpeton were micros, and not many really stood out. We were finally able to claim a find on Artificial Cache which we had been to 2 previous times.  It was neat seeing the area in the summer after seeing it in both the winter and spring.  I wish I would have taken some pictures to show the differences. From there we stopped by Foxhome MN on our way to Fergus Falls.

Erin and the town founder
We arrived in Fergus around lunchtime and stopped by Mabel Murphy's for some lunch which was excellent as always. We wanted to leave a few caches in Fergus Falls to find when we're down here for a wedding in a few weeks, so we targeted some of the ones we thought would be harder to find.  A few caches brought us to some neat parks in town. And we found a fun cache under a bridge downtown. One of the caches that earned a favorite point was a micro hidden on this statue. Finding it went quickly, but signing the log took time and some ingenuity on our part.

Another fun cache was out in the cemetery at the old state mental institution. We parked a ways off and walked over on the dirt road.  As we were walking a minivan passed us on it's way to the cemetery.  We were surprised that anyone else would be out here and passed some time browsing the headstones until they left.  Once they had departed we quickly found the very unique cache, signed the log and started our walk back to the car.  Recently I had told Erin about playing on hay bales as a child and since there were some in the field we were walking past I boosted her up for a quick picture. After that we headed towards home.  It was a great day for a caching adventure.

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