Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 7

The view from a cache along the Superior Hiking Trail
We woke up and bummed around until 9:00 when breakfast was delivered.  It was pretty good except for the ham in the eggs.  Seriously, canadian bacon is NOT bacon!  After breakfast grabbed a few caches on our way over to Superior, WI to grab a cache, and play some mini golf.  While not nearly as cool as Pirates Cove we still had fun playing and I recorded another win.  From there we decided to head back to Canal park to shop and checkout the downtown area.  This wound up be way harder then it should have been.  I missed a turn and then couldn't get back to where we wanted to be.  Eventually we found a parking garage and decided to park there before discovering they were full after circling the lot a few times. Finally we made it back to canal park and had lunch at Grandma's again.  From there our wandering began.  There were a few moderately interesting shops in the area, but overall I wasn't too impressed.  We walked over in the skyway to downtown a found the skyway to be depressing.  It seemed to have a lot of closed down shops and vacancies. I wonder if the skyway is getting any return on the investment they made putting it in.  There was a car show/street fair going on downtown.  After that we returned to the truck and decided that we weren't all that hungry for supper.  Instead of going someplace fancy for our anniversary we stopped by a grocery store and got some donuts and milk and went back to the B&B. It was an oddly appropriate way to cap off the day.

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