Friday, August 9, 2013

Getting Carried Away In Bismack

This past weekend Erin and I took Lindzee out to Bismarck to do some geocaching.  Saturday morning Erin was doing some family stuff while Linzee and I snagged some first to finds. There was one we struggled with and even emailed the cache owner for a hint.  The hint didn't really give us anything other than what was on the cache page, but since it was on our way back to the truck we stopped by again and found it within 30 seconds.  Linzee and I laughed at how we had missed it the first time. After lunch we met up with Erin and decided to do a few caches in Mandan near the river.  Erin and I had been out on this particular trail before and grabbed most of the caches in the area, so the first cache we were going for was 1.4 miles from where we parked the truck.  The hike was nice, and after some bushwhacking we found a couple of caches. The trail continued out into the river and around the bridge, and there were caches on the other side so we continued our journey.  The caches on the south side of the bridge were a little more challenging, and we spent about half an hour trying to get into a locked cache. We even called the cache owner and confirmed we had the right combination, but the lock just wouldn't open.  When we finished with that it was a bit later than what we'd planned and the girls wanted to see if we could hike out to the south and have Erin's dad give us a ride to the truck.  Lindzee put in a bunch of work figuring out where we were, where we needed to go, and directions for Erin's dad.  After another half mile of hiking and a bit of waiting on the side of a road Erin's family showed up to give us a ride back to the truck.  They said they hadn't been to the part of Mandan where they picked us up, or where the truck was.  It's amazing the places geocaching takes you to.  After our adventure we hit up Mackenzie River for supper. Stacey seemed disappointed in her chicken sandwich, but the rest of us enjoyed our food. After supper we grabbed a few more caches and brought Erin to the other cache we had missed earlier in the day.  After another search we still couldn't find it so we went home to log caches.  I emailed the cache owner and she updated the cache page with a picture and a better hint.  From the picture I knew exactly where it was, and we decided to go grab one last first to find to end the day.  15 minutes later we had found it, signed the log and were driving away. The coords were about 50 feet off which is why we hadn't made the find earlier.  It was nice being able to find this after all of the searching we did earlier.

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