Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation day 6

Our last day of vacation started a little earlier then the previous day.  When we woke up we hoped in the steam shower and lounged around for a while until breakfast.  For breakfast we had some fruit again followed by some orange pecan scones. We also had an egg bake with sun dried tomatoes and some sausage and breakfast was finished by homemade vanilla ice cream with blueberries. When breakfast was done we sat around on the porch talking with the owners and another couple watching a storm roll through.  Eventually we headed back up to our room to pack and headed for home.

On our way out of the cities we stopped at Trader Joes and picked up some cookies and baklava. After that we shopped a little while longer in the area until lunch time.  For lunch we stopped at bucca de beppo.  We had some fried mozzarella, white pizza, and manicotti. Some how we were able to finish it all.  After lunch we continued on our way home.  Erin drove as we listened to more of Dracula.

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