Saturday, July 16, 2011

Homemade Race Medals

Here's what we did for our second anniversary: Homemade Race Medals Part 2
Here's what we did for our third anniversary: Homemade Race Medals Part 3

Erin and I wanted to make some nice homemade race medals for our first anniversary run.  Here's what we came up with. The body of the medal would be made out of a polymer clay we found at Micheal's. We would stamp it, bake it, coat it with sparkle mod podge to complete the finished medal.  We used magazines when rolling out the clay to ensure a uniform thickness of about a quarter of an inch. As we worked we used wax paper to keep the clay from sticking. We colored in the stamped sections with a silver paint pen.  It does take some time for it to dry before the back can be colored in.

Here's a complete list of materials we used for making 23 medals.
2 - 1lb blocks of polymer clay, we had some extra
1 cookie cutter
1 rolling pin
2 objects of uniform thickness to put on either side of the clay when rolling out
Wax Paper
Small jar of sparkle mod podge
Paint brush
Cookie Sheet for baking
Silicone stamps
Large straw for making ribbon holes
Elmers Painters metallic paint marker
American Crafts Precision Pen fine tipped black
Ribbon - 30 yards, but we had extra
Silver Glitter Puffy Paint for writing on ribbon

Most of the things we used to make the medals
Cutting the medals with a cookie cutter after rolling it to a uniform thickness.
After cutting the meals out and making holes for the ribbon with a straw.
This was after stamping and before baking.
The toaster oven worked well for us.
Once the medals were baked we colored in where it was stamped
The stamped part had been colored in and the black text added,
then we covered in a couple of coats of sparkle mod podge.
We used a sparkle fabric paint to write on the ribbons.
The finished back of the medals.
The finished front of the medals.

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  1. Just came across your site. I want to hold a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in my neighborhood. Was wondering how long you baked these medals for...? What was your total time in making them? Love the site and especially this page. :)