Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vacation Day 3

I wanted to start the third day of our trip with a morning swim but unfortunately we were up before the pool opened.  After finding the pool closed Erin and I showered and looked for a place to get breakfast.  We found a small diner a few miles away in Belle Plaine called Cindy's Kitchen.  It was your typical small town diner and we were one of the few people in it for breakfast.  I had some pancakes and bacon and Erin had some toast and eggs.

On the way back to the campground we decided to stop at a candy store we passed on our way to breakfast called Jims. The selection was amazing. They had almost any candy you could think of and many we were seeing for the first time.  In addition to candy they had a bakery, a wide selection of pop and some specialty foods. We picked up an abba zabba, some zours, a mallow cup, some apple strudel, cheese cake mix, cheese cake gummies, banana taffy, ginger chews, a white chocolate toblerone some apple bon bons and a pecan roll.  We also each picked up one of the specialty sodas they had, I had some honey lemonaid and Erin had the cream soda.

We didn't need to pee, but at least we had the option

After the candy shop we returned to the campground and went for a swim.  We had the entire pool to ourselves which was nice.  We swam laps until we were tired and then headed back to the tent.  Erin read some of the Zombie book she had picked up the previous day.  After that we took a nap and it sprinkled outside for a while.  When we woke up we decided a late lunch/early supper sounded good and we'd head back to a place we discovered on our morning trip, the OK Corral.

When we got there they hadn't opened yet.  They were only open for lunch on Fridays and weekends.  The hostess noticed that we were there and opened up for us 20 minutes early which was super nice of her. I had a blue cheese burger, Erin had a pulled pork sandwich and we split some onion rings. The onion rings came with a apricot horseradish mustard sauce that we both enjoyed, even though there were things in the sauce that we each didn't like.

See, it says right on the sign they serve lunch
After we ate we went back to the campground and I setup for a campfire later on.  I collected a lot of small branches that had been dumped near where our campsite was so the fire would start easy. After setting up for the fire we went swimming again.  This time there was a lot of people there.  Erin decided to bring a book along and not get wet.  I swam laps as best I could until the pool started to clear out.  I found a diving ring that had been left behind by someone and played a game with Erin where she would throw it into the pool anywhere she wanted to and I would swim over and get it before it would sink all the way to the bottom.  It was a great workout and fun to play.  Eventually I decided that I'd had enough of the pool for one day and we headed back to the tent for our fire.  We say by the fire eating candy until long after it had gotten dark then we went to bed.

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