Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

Over the fourth Erin and I had a busy weekend. Saturday morning we got up and did a 10 mile run.  It was warmer and more humid that I would have liked but the miles went by quickly.  It was the longest run either of us had done since the marathon in May.  I tried out a hydration pack that Erin's dad had given us and let Erin use my regular Nathan pack.  There was a little rubbing with the new pack, but I was able to tuck a small towel under the strap and it worked out quite well.

Saturday night we babysat 4 children.  Two of them we normally watch and the other 2 were their cousins from California. It was a bit hectic with everyone wanting to do their own thing, but overall things went well.

Sunday we started organizing our anniversary run. I put together a map and sent it out, we started cleaning the house and then we looked into how we were going to make the medals for this years run.  Last year we went with sharpie on metal washers, but we wanted to do something a bit nicer this year.  We headed over to Micheals and spent a few hours wandering around kicking around various ideas before settling down on something we liked.

Sunday night we were invited back by the family we just babysat for a backyard cookout. We enjoyed some good food and good company with weather that was about as nice as one could ask for.

Monday morning we got up and headed over to the MSUM Firecracker run.  Erin and I had both signed up for the 10k which was two loops of the 5k course. The run itself was fairly miserable.  The course was out in the open without much to look at or much shade.  Along the way I was misdirected by a volunteer at a turn and put in a little bit of extra distance.  Also I'm not a fan of running all the way back to the start before heading back along the same route I've just run.  Overall I'd say the race could have been organized better, but I had fun because of all the friends I had there.

After the race Erin and I got started making the medals for our run until it was time to head over to Cassy's place for her annual fourth of July party.  The food was great and afterwards we sat around watching the kids light off small stuff.  As this was going on we watched some clouds in the distance get closer and closer.  Eventually the tornado sirens went off and we had to head home early.

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