Thursday, August 16, 2012

Homemade Race Medals Part 2

Erin and I had our second anniversary during my hiatus from blogging.  Since many of our friends were not logging long miles at the time we decided to just have a 5k this year.  We also wanted to stick with our tradition of giving out homemade race medals.  We revisited some of the ideas we had from the previous year and opted to go with a design made out of Perler beads done on  a hexagonal template. For colors we opted for a dark blue and decided that the second color would be the glow in the dark beads. For a ribbon on the medal we went with a sparkly thread. For text we used a blue sharpie.  Here's what the finished result was.

The finished Second Anniversary race medal
The run was a lot of fun. Erin biked because she couldn't run yet, and afterwards we enjoyed our potluck breakfast with our friends.

Here's what we did for our third anniversary: Homemade Race Medals Part 3

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