Thursday, January 27, 2011

Impromptu Long Run

Thursday mornings Erin and I normally run from The Fargo Running Company.  They sponsor Tuesday and Thursday morning runs, and as you accumulate miles you can get some stuff. The marathon training plan Erin is following called for 4 miles this morning.  Thinking that was shorter then what I wanted to do I planned on running to the store by myself, meeting Erin and running 4 with her.  It would be about 8 miles total.  This morning when I got up Erin was sick and told me she wasn't going to run this morning, so I changed my plan a little.  I ran 4 miles to the store, 3 with the group, and back home for a total of just over 11 miles this morning.  The weather was perfect, 24 degrees and calm wind the entire way.  I over dressed a little because the previous morning I was under dressed as the temperature dropped on us and the wind picked up. I was very hungry when I got home and I think I should have brought more calories with me. Having my long run out of the way this week is nice.  I shouldn't have to run any bonus miles after the group run on Saturday.

Last Saturdays group run was in the Dome because of the cold weather we were having.  It was the first time I've run in the dome and was concerned that it would be very boring, but was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the time passed. The smaller loops meant that I could run with people that don't normally run my pace, and with people running both directions there was always people around.

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