Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bemidji Caching Trip Day 4

A Nintendo repurposed as a geocache in Lake George
Day 4 of our geocaching trip started with the realization that it had rained overnight and our plan of starting the morning with some biking was going to be a bad idea.  We had breakfast at the hotel and planned our next move. Instead of caching on the bike trail we would started heading home and try to find more caches along the way. We spent some time in Lake George and along the North Country Trail with runs just a little south of the town.
A spider web catching the light on the trail

After Lake George we went to Itasca to do the Avian Adventure cache there. This was the hardest one we have done so far, it seemed like the caches were all about 30-50 feet from where the Garmins lead us. Eventually we solved the puzzle and got our bird card.  It was close to lunch time so we stopped at a barbecue place just outside of the park only to realize that they weren't open on a Tuesday. We decided to snack and then eat when we got to Park Rapids.  Half a dozen caches later we were in Park Rapids eating at the Royal Bar.  The food was good, but I hate how small town places don't take credit cards. After lunch we headed back to Fargo with only a few more stops to look for caches. We wound up with 194 finds over our 4 day trip.

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