Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bemidji Caching Trip Day 2

An old sawmill foundation near the lake.
This chipmunk was enjoying an acorn.
He stayed within 5 feet of me while I logged the cache
Our second day of our Bemidji caching trip started with breakfast at the hotel.  As far as hotel breakfasts go I think Holiday Inn is above average.  I had some cinnamon rolls and Erin had a bagel and hard boiled egg. After breakfast we drove over to the Paul Bunyan Trail that runs along the east side of the lake.  The geocaches along the lake were all spaced about a tenth of a mile apart and many were the same matchstick container in trees near the trail, not the most exciting caches.  We turned it into a bit of a sport by seeing how fast we could get through the trail. After biking about 23 miles we had done the caches along the lake and were ready for lunch.  We opted for a quick trip to Burger King before doing some more geocaching on the bikes.
Random people taking pictures with Paul Bunyan

We parked at the visitors center and biked around downtown and near the collage for the rest of the afternoon.  I took some pictures of the art in the area, but missed a lot

The USS Sally, I have no idea what the significance of this is
Erin and the Republic
Here is a picture of the mighty Republic.  Ok, maybe not so mighty, but it does have a geocache. We spent a while looking for it, because there were so many great places to hide one here.

Some turtles we spotted from a bridge on the Mississippi
When we were finished downtown we dropped the bikes off and loaded up some more waypoints on the Garmins. There were 7 caches near the hotel and we wanted to get to 66 finds for the day, so we'd have 100 total in our first 2 days.  The first cache was at a hotel across the street. We wandered around outside for a bit with the Garmins pointing into the building.  Eventually we realized that was correct, and went inside to log the find.  Then we went to a near by park.  The first few there were easy finds, then we had to go onto a Frisbee golf course.  After finding one of the caches we were walking back through the woods when we encountered some golfers who asked how things were going. Not wanting to explain geocaching I just replied with a friendly "Guten tag" and kept on going. After that we wandered around in the woods for a bit and were just a touch lost when Erin looked down and spotted the cache we were looking for.  Getting back out of the woods was just as fun as getting into them. When we were finished in the park we were 1 cache short of our goal. We found a quick park and grab before deciding on Little Caesars for supper.  It was a long day, but we had lots of fun.

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