Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Track Workout

After the race on Saturday, Erin and I were standing around talking with some friends when one of them invited us to do a track workout with them at Discovery on Tuesday morning.  The last time I had been on a track was in college.  A few of my friends wandered over and were goofing around when we decided to race about 50 meters.  I remember going all out and wanting to puke at the end and still loosing my a large margin.

Since the rain hadn't moved it yet Erin and I decided to give it a try.  Terry said the group meets at 5:30 so we figured we'd be there a few minutes early.  When we got there the parking lot was deserted.  We wandered over to the track thinking that maybe some people live close and just run over, but no one was there either and it looked like the track was locked up.  Eventually we saw someone else who walked over and let us in. She said she normally gets there right at 5:30.  A few minutes later more people started to show up, I guess we were the only ones who didn't know not to show up early.  I ran a few warm up laps and then went over to where the group was gathering.  Today's plan was to run 400 meter repeats.  Every 3 minutes we'd head out once around the track and stop when we finished to rest until the next 3 minute time period.  Erin decided that she wasn't interested in doing any speed work after all the hard running last week.

I made it through 4 of the repeats before I was tired enough that I needed to skip a repeat.  After taking one off I did the next one and needed to take another break after that.  I told Erin this would be my last repeat.  After my 6th repeat I was more then ready to be done for the day.  Erin and I jogged 1 more lap to cool down and we headed home. I think we'll try to work in more track workouts into our schedule.  The flat surface had a lot of cushion and is very nice to run on.  I don't know that we'll be doing the same workouts as the group, but I think it's an environment where we can make a lot of progress.

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