Tuesday, June 7, 2011

North Country Trail Hike

Saturday after the Buffalo River Run we drove out to Rick's cabin to go on an organized hike put on in part by his brother John.  The hike was a 4 mile point to point route on the North Country Trail through an area that John helps maintain. We made it through the trail run without picking up any tics, but we made up for it on the hike.  I lost count of how many I picked off during and after the hike.  After our hike we enjoyed some burgers before heading back to town to cap off our busy day.
Ricks brother John (In blue)
Erin and I before the hike
Erin(In green) and the rest of the group before the hike
Erin and Kristy
The conga line on the trail
Some moss with stuff sticking out on top.  I think that was the technical term.

The blue marks indicate we're on the trail.
Big stuff growing on a tree trunk.  Again I'm using technical terms.
Rick on a bridge on the trail.
A beaver chewed this tree down, where it chewed was nice an smooth, but where it cracked as it fell over had stuff growing in it.
Top view of the tree
Looks like the beaver didn't finish this one off.  Quitter.

Small stuff growing on the first floor
A toilet with a view
I won't want to sit on this
Large mushroom.

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