Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two a day runs and a trip to Buffalo River State Park

Last week a coworker told me he was going to run the marathon relay with some friends of his and that he was interested in running a few times with me as part of his training for that.  We decided that Wednesday morning would fit both our schedules a planned to meet up in the morning.  During the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom and my foot hurt so bad I could barely walk.  I got back into bed and figured I'd have to text Matt later and let him know I wouldn't be running. When the alarm went off and I got out of bed my foot felt fine so I got ready to run and headed out to meet Matt.  He said he was looking to do 3-4 miles and I suggested a route that would take us around Microsoft and back home.  The route turned out to be a little longer then I thought it would be and he wound up going almost 5 miles.  Near the end I could tell he was dragging a little bit, but overall he did quite well.  My foot held up great throughout the run.

Wednesday night a group of us planned on doing a run out at Buffalo River State Park. The forecast was for a windy evening with some rain. Rick, Kristy and Maria met Erin and I in town and then we all drove out to the park together.  Chris joined us when we got to the park. When we started to run I immediately felt a few sprinkles, but that was the extent of the rain we encountered. The run began with a 2 mile loop through the prairie before finishing the run on trails near the river through the trees. For the most part the trail was dry, but in a few spots it was a little soggy. A few times we spotted some deer as we ran.  We wound up going just shy of 7 miles around the park. After the run we enjoyed supper in the picnic shelter in the park. We had an Italian beef sandwich, some chips, a noodle salad, a fruit salad, some potato salad, some twizzlers and cupcakes for desert.  After we packed up and left the park it rained the entire drive home.  We had gotten really lucky with the weather.
Gear and food for after the run
Heading out of town
Maria and Kristy in the distance
Cleaning up after the feast
Still cleaning up

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