Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Tires

Just out of the box
Last week I ordered some new tires for my road bike, I've got a few thousand miles on the original tires that came with the bike and they were looking rather worn so I figured I'd get some new ones before Liberty.  I found a racing tire that I could get in red and decided to give it a try.  After getting the tires put on I decided to bum around town on the bike and eventually wound up at my parents house.  Below are some pictures I took of Winston when I was over there.  Mom claims he's getting bigger, but I don't see it. With the ride home I got in 19 miles.

The red doesn't quite match the frame, but looks good anyway.
The following day I took the bike out again for a bit of a harder workout.  It was warm and windy out, great conditions to make me work hard.  I headed south past Horace and then turned East on Country Road 14.  Without much to block the wind out there I was getting sick of constantly fighting the wind.  When I hit University I turned North again and enjoyed a bit of a tail wind.  From there I basicly headed home and wound up with 22 miles that day.  I'm hoping all this biking will get me into better shape for my half iron man coming up in about a month.

Getting attacked by his tongue

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