Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marathon Recovery

Since the marathon on Saturday I've felt surprisingly good.  There was some soreness in my quads for a day or two, but other then that my body has held up fine.  Sunday morning Erin and I went to the gym and biked for half an hour just to keep things moving.  I took Monday off and got back to running again on Tuesday with a very easy 3.5 miles.  On Wednesday I repeated the 3.5 mile route and focused on keeping my heart rate down as I ran.  Thursday I started the day with a run to the store and then 3 miles with Erin for a total of 7.  I was getting tired the last mile, but overall felt very good.  Additionally my 7 miles put me over 250 for the year with the Thursday morning group earning me a free pair of shoes.

Mentally I'm doing better as well.  I moped around for a few days disappointed that I had missed my goal and Fargo. That disappointment has since turned into resolve to do better in my next long distance event.  I know there's still lots of things I can do to improve and I just have to focus on doing them.  Unless my half iron man goes very poorly I think I'm going to push forward with my ambitious plans for the year.

In a week and a half is the Buffalo River trail run.  Erin and I have lots of friends who will be running either the 5k, or the 10k that day.  I'm hoping to get out there this weekend to check out the course so I don't have to worry as much about making a wrong turn during the race. It should be lots of fun.

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