Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Road Trip to Valley City

A neat stairwell on campus
With Erin not feeling well we decided to cancel our long road trip this weekend and do a smaller caching trip to Valley City. Lindzee was free Sunday and was able to come with. We started caching near the college. The first couple of caches we went after were a little ways up the hill, making for some challenging terrain. After that we found a series of micros around town and made the find on some caches we missed in the winter. From there we headed north up to the dam. Erin and I probably bored Lindzee with stories from when we biked our first century in this same location.  When we finished caching at the dam Erin was feeling even worse so we headed back to town to find some food.  So far every time Erin and I had eaten in Valley City we were disappointed. We decoded to give the Broken Spoke a chance.  The food was pretty good, but our waitress didn't seem to know what was going on. It was by far the best dining experience we've found in Valley City. After eating we returned to Fargo and Erin and I finished our fantasy football draft.

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