Monday, September 2, 2013

Footsteps in the dark

Having completed our 1 year caching streak we decided to keep going.  In August Groundspeak was doing souvenirs for 31 days of caching, so we wanted to keep finding a cache a day at least until September. On the last day of the 31 days of caching August challenge, Erin and I took a road trip to Grand Forks. We were looking forward to seeing friends at the event that day, as well as trying to find some caches we had DNFed previously. The first few caches were fairly easy, but then we got to some trycacheus hides.  A couple of them had us stumped and we decided to move on although we were able to come back later and find them. After spending the morning caching we went to the event around 1:00.  The event had a great turnout, and we had a great time talking with other cachers. We played a few games and Chad grilled up some burgers for everyone.  When the event finished up we went out to grab a few more caches before meeting up with the pirate clan to draft our fantasy football teams.  We tried to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, but after waiting almost an hour for a table after being told it would take 15-20 minutes we decided to just grab something fast.  We wound up at Burger King, so the younger kids could play. We only made it halfway through the draft that night, but after leaving Burger King we went for the Grand Forks night cache.  I really enjoyed the night cache and thought it was well done.  The pirates had a good time, but said the night cache in Detroit Lakes was a better cache. We had so much fun we couldn't cram it all into one day.  We made it home about half an hour past midnight.
Hanging out after the night cache.

Erin and Anabelle after doing the night cache

Just a warning to Grand Forks cachers, there are spoilers ahead...

At one of the caches today we arrived at ground zero and were stumped.  The description said it might be off by 12 feet, but there wasn't much to look at. A nearby sign and fire hydrant obviously didn't have the cache and beyond that was either the street, or private property.  As we stood there puzzled, a neighbor drove up and parked in the driveway. Trying to not look suspicious we started to walk down the bike path.  About 200 feet off ground zero was a drainage tunnel.  It had standing water, so we decided not to search it at this time. I didn't want to get our feet wet early in the day and then be miserable for the rest of it. After leaving and doing some more caches Erin wanted to go back and try the tunnel.  We first stopped at K-Mart and grabbed some cheap flip flops for Erin and a towel to clean up after the search then we headed back to ground zero.  We figured it was about 200 feet down the tunnel, with Erin's feet measured at 10.5 inches we knew she would need to have a small gap between her steps and she could just make 200 steps. This strategy payed off, when she stopped counting at 200 the cache was right there. Erin opened it up to find a blank log.  It was great being able to be the first to find on this fun and challenging cache.

Erin down the tunnel

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