Monday, October 1, 2012

Geocaching Road Trip to Fergus Falls

Erin hiding in the trees at our first find of the day
For a while now Erin and I have been wanted to get down to Fergus Falls and do some caching along the Central Lakes Trail. This past weekend we finally had an opportunity to make it happen. We got up early Saturday morning and loaded up the bikes on the truck. We had planned on taking the road bikes, but on a whim I grabbed the mountian bikes instead. The drive was much shorter than heading out to Park Rapids and the Heartland Trail.  We drove through town and eventually found our way to Delagoon Park where the trailhead was. After unloading the bikes we started to hunt for caches in the park.
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The central lakes trail
It was fortunate that I had grabbed the mountain bikes, because we were able to ride all over the park searching for caches, instead of having to leave the bikes by the road and walk to the caches. We found some neat caches in the park, including 1 stocked with VHS tapes for trade and another that used a pulley. After clearing out the caches in the park we hit the Central Lakes Trail. The trail was beautiful at this time of year, the leaves had turned, the lakes were perfectly calm and it was unseasonably warm out. The caches that were along the trail were not just quick stop and grab caches, a few of them Erin had to go after along because of ankle was still hurting.

Where's Waldo...  I mean... Erin
 After we finished the cluster along the trail near the park we decided to pack up the bikes and grab some lunch at Dairyland, a local Dairy Queen knock off.  We both had burgers with fries, and split some cheese curds. The cheese curds and fries were good, but the burgers were awful. I think we discovered where the lean finely textured beef(pink slime) went to that McDonalds no longer uses. After lunch we stopped by a park off of Hoot Lake to pick up a cluster of 4 caches before heading home. Fortunately there are plenty more caches in Fergus Falls we didn't have time to pick up, so we'll be back.

Erin and the top of a hill I was unable to climb

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