Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping Busy

This week I've started my new job at Microsoft and have been fairly successful at getting back to a solid workout routine.  Last Friday I kicked off my latest workout spree with a good swim to bike brick workout.  Saturday I ran 5 miles with the training group and in the afternoon found enough energy to put in a mile swim workout.  Sunday I got in another 5 mile run with Erik in the cold.  Monday I did a 31 mile bike ride after a swim to warm up.  Tuesday Erin and I were out running in the cold again, with the wind it was rather unpleasant.  Wednesday was weights and light biking in the morning and a short run in the evening with Matt.  Today Erin and I got up and ran with the group from the store. I think tomorrow is going to be a rest day, it would be nice to sleep in.

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