Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blast From The Past: Turkey Trot

After running the Full Moon 5k I convinced my sister to run the 5 mile turkey trot with me.  We drove together to Edgewood and again I felt very out of place.  Steph commented on how many people were wearing "stretchy pants".  We registered, got our packets and I told Steph what I'd learned about not tearing off the tag on our race number.  As we walked back to the car to drop off our packets we were looking though them and had each found a packet of Gu that was included.  Neither one of us had every tried it, and we put them in our pockets and lined up for the race. We saw someone lined up to run pushing a stroller and joked that we should do our best to keep ahead of them or we'd be embarrassed.  We ran the first mile quite quickly, again I started a race too fast. Slowing down after mile 1 we were passed by the stroller.  We managed to make it out to the halfway point before giving in to the urge to walk. Since the course was an out and back we could see who was behind us at this point.  We were struggling, but told ourselves we wouldn't be last, there was an elderly woman about a third of a mile behind us and we should be able to keep in front of her. We ran and walked for a bit longer then Steph decided to try her Gu, she had chocolate outrage.  Not knowing the proper way to eat one of these things she squirted the entire thing into her mouth, and made a face indicating it wasn't really that good.  I made some smart ass comment about the taste and she tried to laugh keeping her mouth closed because it was full of Gu.  Some of the Gu shot out of her nose and we had a great laugh about it, the volunteers along the course must have thought we were insane.  We were hurting and slow, but having a great time.  A short while later the elderly woman who we swore would never pass us did.  Officially I think there were a couple of people who finished after us that day, but not many.  We had a great feeling about running one of our longest runs together and enjoying the day.

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