Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blast From The Past: My First 5k

My very first event as a runner was the Full Moon 5k on November 13th 2008. The race was on a Thursday night.  I remember arriving at the running store, at the time it was the Dick Beardsley Running Company, seeing the parking lot more full then it had ever been.  I had only been running for a month or so and was amazed at how out of place I seemed. I had worn a grey fleece hoody and some loose fitting athletic pants.  I walked toward the store noticing how many people were wearing shorts or tights that night.  I picked up my race packet and headed back out to the parking lot to find a coworker who was also going to be running.  I finally found her and tagged along as she picked up her packet hoping to absorb any knowledge about this new environment I could from her.  We pinned our race numbers on and decided to leave our packets in her truck.  Not knowing any better I peeled off the perforated tags from the bottom of my race number and left them in my packet.  We lined up towards the back of the pack and before I knew it the race had begun.  I tried to pace myself as best I could, but wound up starting too fast, it was a habit I still have to work hard to avoid.  The actual race it self is just bits and pieces of memories now, the volunteers were dressed in Halloween customs, I did do some walking, and it was a dark night.  I do vividly remember the last turn and sprinting towards the store giving every thing I had to finish strong.  I crossed the finish line and was dimly aware of someone trying to find the tag I had torn off my race number earlier and then walking to find a place to sit down away from the crowd and wanting to throw up.  My coworker eventually found me and brought over something to drink.  I think some door prizes were awarded and then I headed home. I found out later that the tag I had torn off was used in recording the results, so I don't have an official finishing time for my first race.  The night was fun in an odd way and I was eager to try another event.
Kristi and I before the race
Just as we're crossing the starting line

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