Saturday, December 31, 2011

First run with the training group

This morning was the first run with the training group this year.  There was 7 of us that ran this morning, Erik, Connie, Ray, Laura, Cassie, Penny and myself. We met up at my place around 6:30 for the run.  Erin wasn't feeling well and decided to rest and not get anyone else sick. The 5 miles passed fairly quickly as we all caught up on what was going on in each others lives. There was 1 section in West Fargo where conditions were very peaceful.  The dim glow of the low hanging clouds illuminated the freshly fallen snow as we glided along. I'm excited to be running with a group again and hope some more people can make it next week when we run from Connie and Ray's house.

I also put in a solid swim workout today in the pool going just a hair over a mile in about 50 minutes.  I was feeling really drained after that and fell asleep almost immediately after showering when getting home.

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